This is a well-being book about Japanese Calligraphy, it takes the reader on a journey learning about the practice, writing styles, tools and meditation. The book comes as a set and includes a practice pad so that the reader can unwind from the pressures of the outside world, reducing any stress or anxiety they’ve experienced by practising the technique.
When the hands are busy the mind is at rest.
Control in breathing is getting control of your body and mind. If you feel scared and anxious in certain situations this practice can settle your mind, almost an act of meditation for mental wellbeing. 
The book is illustrated mainly with koi fish flowing throughout the publication, the aim is to make this a peaceful and mind settling environment for the reader. Within the Japanese Culture the koi fish represent strength, courage and peace. The tiger and dragon are in contrast to each other and represent the yin and yang. At the beginning of the book the tiger represents the negative energy that the reader may have, and the dragon at the end of the book represents the positive energy that the reader may be left with after going on a journey through the publication.
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